Reach the next level

An experienced executive coach provides a safe place to discuss your hopes, challenges, and concerns. They spur your insights and speed your learning curve.

They help you transform yourself, your team, and your business.

Let's work together and reach your next level.


Real change does NOT occur incrementally. Forget about 1% here and 50ยข there. That's not where the break-throughs are.

Real change comes from transformation. A leap forward. A level up.

Real change asks something of us. Honesty. Courage. A break from yesterday, and a belief in tomorrow.

Great coaches know this. They support us gently yet firmly. They hold us accountable to the best vision we have of ourselves, our company, and our future.

They know that transformation needs vision plus courage plus support.


I work one-on-one with a limited number of individual business owners and small teams.

We usually work together for three months. This keeps the work focused, and is enough time to make substantial progress.

We commit to weekly conversations that last between 60 and 90 minutes. In addition, they are free to contact me anytime.

Our work almost always begins with a business-related challenge or objective. However, transformation asks us to bring everything to the table. So my work is holistic, and often touches on other areas of the business owner's life.

My role is to support my clients, to nurture their creativity and resourcefulness, to empower them to achieve their transformative goal.

I am confident of our work together. I demonstrate this with a unique feature: I offer a money-back guarantee on everything I do.


I bring a rich set of experience and skills to my coaching work, both practical, theoretical, and personal.

I have started and run six companies, and been involved with hundreds of others in a variety of roles, from advisor to CEO to board member. I understand what it's like to start and lead and grow a company.

I earned an MBA from Kellogg's School of Management. This provides me with deep formal insights into strategy and innovation.

I teach business and entrepreneurship at the university level, and through my own online courses and live workshops.

I am a disciple of the Co-Active Coaching method. Its belief in the innate talent of each individual resonates nicely with own focus on individual empowerment.

I have personally worked closely with hundreds of business owners. In addition, my workshops, courses and products have helped 200,000 business owners in 120 countries.

I look forward to helping you achieve your transformative goal.